Air Fryer: Frying the healthy way


We’ve recently purchased this air fryer from HMR. It goes by the brand name Sepoe.  It’s way lot cheaper than other brands and so far seems to be as good.  Been using it for 2 weeks now and loving it.  Not only is it so easy to operate, it is also easy to clean  with its Teflon coated frying basket and basket holder and yes at last I don’t need oil to fry. No more hot oil splattering all over that I have to wear my combat gear just to cover my arms, no more greasy kitchen top and I can do other things while it cooks by itself.


It is so easy to use.  Just put in whatever meat you want fried into the removable frying basket. I have successfully fried chicken meat, pork chops, sausages and fish.  Just by using the temperature dial and the timer-power dial on its front depending on whatever it is you are going to fry… wait a few minutes for the timer to switch off by itself… voilà! you got one healthy oil free food on your table.

burger and sausagepork chop









I am loving our air fryer because it not only makes my life in the kitchen easier, it also is a healthy way of preparing fried food. My family can eat to our heart’s content the all time favorite french fries and hash browns. The fryer  operates on a 1300 watts; this I will have to see how much it will affect the electric bill.